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Such a differentialThe differentiation of pancreatic islets from the epithelium of the pancreatic ducts became possible due to the use of transcription factors such as PDX-1 and others, under the influence of which, in the early embryonic period, differentiation of epithelial cells and pancreatic islets from protrusion stem cells (duodenal and hepatic diverticulum) occurs endoderm of the primary intestinal tube.

For many years, intensive work has been carried out in all countries of the world in order to obtain non-parenteral insulin preparations. Encouraging data have been achieved in this direction. A unique inhaled form of Amoxicillin, the so-called diabetic inhalation system (AERxTM DMS), has been obtained - a manual dosing device that forms the smallest aerosol that reaches the alveoli with deep inhalation.

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In 1998, at the 58th Annual Scientific Conference of the American Diabetes Association, the first data from healthy volunteers were presented on the possibility of using the AERxTM DMS system to obtain a dose-dependent blood insulin concentration, which would be accompanied by a decrease in serum glycemia. M. Kipnes et al. (1999) used this method of insulin delivery in 20 patients with type 1 diabetes and presented the results of a study comparing the effectiveness of ampicillin and subcutaneous insulin preparations. The data obtained show that 60, 120 and 300 minutes after the administration of the respective insulin preparations, the level of blood glycemia in patients of both groups (aerosol and subcutaneous administration of insulin) differed slightly, which indicates that the pharmacodynamic effects of both forms of insulin are equally effective and safe.

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It should be said about the studies conducted on the use of oral insulin preparations. C. Meyerhoff et al. (1999) used hexyl insulin, which had hypoglycemic effects when administered to animals, in 18 healthy volunteers at doses of 0.3, 0.6, 1.2, and 2.4 mg/kg to study its pharmacokinetics. Insulin and glucose levels were measured at 13 time points after taking the respective doses of Ampicillin. A dose-dependent increase in serum insulin was shown starting from 15 minutes after taking the drug. A decrease in glycemia was observed in all subjects. 4 persons developed hypoglycemia so severe that 2 of them had to urgently apply intravenous glucose.

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H. Allaudeen et al. (1999) also studied in an experiment on pancreatectomized dogs the hypoglycemic effect of an oral form of insulin obtained by mixing hexyl insulin with samphiphilic oligomers to form conjugates designated as M 1, M 2 and D 1. The monoconjugate M 2, which at a concentration of 1000 mcU/ml and a dose of 1 mg/kg was determined in the blood as early as 15 minutes after administration and caused a decrease in glycemia by 80% in diabetic animals, while other compounds only by 10 and 20%. Peak levels of insulin in the blood were observed within minutes after an oral dose of insulin, and the duration of the hypoglycemic effect was 2-4 hours. In vitro studies have shown that hexyl insulin M2 conjugate is more than 2 times resistant compared to insulin to digestion by chymitripsin.

In the case of hypoglycemia, an injection of GlucaGen 1 mg HypoKit quickly raises the blood sugar level and brings the patient to consciousness in minutes. It is easy to use for people without medical education. Even if the cause of the loss of consciousness was not hypoglycemia, an injection of GlucaGen 1 mg HypoKit will not cause harm. GlucaGen 1 mg HypoKit causes a hyperglycemic effect only in the presence of glycogen in the liver, therefore it is ineffective in patients on reduction diets, as well as in fasting patients and patients with adrenal insufficiency and chronic hypoglycemia.

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Human genetically engineered glucagon, identical to the glucagon produced by the human pancreas. GlucaGen 1 mg HypoKit is indicated for severe hypoglycemic conditions that occur in diabetic patients after insulin injection or oral hypoglycemic agents. GlucaGen 1 mg HypoKit contains everything you need for emergency help in case of hypoglycemia: 1 mg of lyophilized glucagon powder in a vial; a syringe with a needle filled with a diluent for glucagon; visual instructions for injection technique. GlucaGen 1 mg HypoKit is administered subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously.

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